“This endlessly surprising yet highly successful hybrid of klezmer, funk and hip-hop had the enthusiastic crowd—young and old, Jews and gentiles, whites and blacks—dancing ecstatically in the aisles like it was a Jewish wedding. Wesley brought the funk while virtuoso clarinetist David Krakauer delivered the passionate intensity and deep Jewish soul that ties him to the lineage of klezmer clarinet kings like Naftule Brandwein and Dave Tarras. Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist and visionary beat architect Josh Dolgin, aka Socalled, provided a bridge between the klezmer and hip-hop worlds with his audacious Hebraic rapping while the Bronx-bred emcee C-Rayz Walz brought street cred to this unlikeliest of collaborations with his remarkable freestyling facility and stark urban imagery.”
-Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

Wesley’s fat trombone licks, Krakauer’s Klezmer-tinged improvisations, the rhythm section’s funk structure—they found a balance that was powerfully danceable...I predicted the standing ovation before and after the encore. I wasn’t even shocked by the curtain call a few minutes later. But when I snuck out the door a good five minutes after the band’s last appearance on stage, the crowd was still on its feet, determined to beat their hands until they were black and blue."
-Ben Conniff, Playboy Magazine

“Time and time again, artists from different backgrounds have found ways to connect and transcend cultural differences through music. This is clearly the case in the unique collaboration of Abraham Inc's Tweet Tweet , the first release from a touring band that blends Klezmer music, funk, hip hop and jazz into an infectious and eclectic stew…The pocket is deep and Thick, provided by tight rhythms, be they straight hip hop beats in the title track or fervent Yiddish dance grooves… It's easy to understand why Abraham Inc is thrilling audiences from Europe's Transmusicales de Rennes to Harlem's Historic Apollo Theater.”
- Mark F. Turner, All About Jazz

“It is easy to call this the funkiest Jewish release, ever… Until the band gets together and puts out another release, this is as good as it gets. Hell, this is just wonderful. If James Brown had gotten klezmer, even with Fred Wesley, he would have been happy to sound this good. Get your copy, and maybe a few spares, at the Abraham Inc store.”
- Ari Davidow, Klezmer Shack

" [James] Brown’s famed trombonist Fred Wesley, klezmer clarinetist David Krakauer and Canadian beatmaster Socalled make up the group Abraham Inc., which mixes Jewish music with traditionally African-American music...The one-night-only performance brought the three together along with a stellar back-up crew mashing together klezmer, hip-hop and funk making a sound new to music lovers."
-Cyril Josh Barker, Amersterdam News Staff