Second Album


And we're reaching out to our friends, family, and fans to help us make it happen.

Abraham Inc. will go into the studio in December ‘18 and we need your support to make the second album possible! As you all may know, in this day and age record labels only supply a fraction of the funds needed to make an album, so your help will be critical! At this time in history, it means everything to us to be able to share our message of cross cultural collaboration with more people and to continue this creative mission in an ever-more polarized world.

If you can support us and have been chomping at the bit for a second album, please do donate and share with your friends!

Please check out our Campaign here to help us make this happen!


Tweet Tweet

Abraham Inc.’s debut release Tweet Tweet peaked at #1 in Funk and #1 in Jewish and Yiddish Music (Perhaps the first album to top these two genres?!), and #35 in music sales on Amazon. It reached #7 in Jazz on Billboard and was featured at #40 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.


David Krakauer: Clarinet and vocals

Fred Wesley: Trombone and vocals

Socalled: Piano, Sampler, Organ, Vocals, Rap Vox

Guitar: Sheryl Bailey, Allen Watsky
Electric Bass: Jerome Harris
Drums: Michael Sarin
Rap Vox: C-Rayz Walz
Vocals: Joshie Armstead, Katie Moore, Alicia Krakauer, Matthew Flowers
Trumpet: Freddie Hendrix
Accordion: Will Holshouser* (guest overdub)